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Taming Feisty Hormones Day Retreat

Taming Feisty Hormones Day Retreat

Hosted and curated by Tanya Borowski, a fully Certified IFM Practitioner with a specialist interest in women's health. Tanya is a global speaker at conferences on functional gastrointestinal & hormone health and is at the forefront of new research in this area. ***Sold Out***

Saturday 29th February 2020 | 10.30am - 16:00pm | Hawthbush Farm, Susse

If you are a woman aged 34-55 who has started to notice some changes such as fatigue, brain fog, forgetfulness, mood swings, weight gain, poor sleep or hot flushes; if you feel betrayed by your body or you just don’t quite feel like yourself, this Day Retreat is just for you, as we take a deep dive into understanding and overcoming the root causes of hormonal imbalances.

Over the course of the day Tanya will present her in depth knowledge and up to date research to cover the key functional roles of the endocrine (hormonal) system. You’ll learn how lifestyle & environmental factors can distrust this delicate system and lead to symptoms. You will learn how to work on these factors, be given many tools combining nutritional, lifestyle and supplemental advice to better optimise your overall hormonal health.

This dynamic and innovative Day Retreat is set at Hawthbush Farm, in beautiful East Sussex. Masterclasses, workshops and cooking demos take place in a beautiful open plan setting of the converted barn. You’ll also enjoy a delicious hormone balancing lunch.

This event has been created by Tanya to be able to deliver her knowledge and clinical insights within a small group setting for participants to get the most out of the day, as such has been limited to 25 attendees. 

Click on the tabs above to find out more about What's Included, the Agenda for the day and details of the Venue.

“So many women my age and significantly younger are being cast off in Doctor’s surgeries under the umbrella of being “just menopausal or hormonal”, and worse, it’s framed in such a negative way, as if it’s a penance!

I passionately feel  we should be embracing our hormones and different life stage changes, not fearing or dreading them!

Our hormones “play and dance” together like a finely tuned orchestra, and I have learnt, that when armed with the right information we can re-collaborate this orchestra to dance well into the next decade and beyond with grace and ease! 

This, is why I've put this functional day retreat together, to share the knowledge I've gained together with my wonderful colleague Emma, and help women to rebalance their hormones naturally and age gracefully (and a little bit disgracefully too!)"

Hope to see you there, Tanya x

Early Bird £195 (ends 14th Feb 2020) Full Price £225

Book Now or call 01273 479011 with any queries

Due to the bespoke nature of this retreat, taking only 25 persons, we expect the slots to be reserved quickly so would recommend that you book now to avoid disappointment.

If you would like to book a night or two and extend your retreat we recommend:

Your Day Retreat Includes:

  • Masterclass: Understanding The Major Hormones & Overcoming Root Causes Of Imbalance by Tanya Borowski

  • A skincare rituals and yoga based practicum workshop by Emma Massingham 

  • 'The Hormonal Harmony’ practical workshop and cookery demonstration by Tanya Borowski 

  • Liver cleansing drinks and a hormone balancing lunch by our holistic chef

  • Q&A sessions following each masterclass, workshop & seminar

  • Your takeaway Hormone 'Reset' tool kit written by Tanya (includes Recipe Book and Food Plan)

  • Transfers to and from Lewes train station (at selected times)

  • Tote bag full of health and wellbeing goodies from Tanya’s Health and Wellbeing Store 


Hormones are chemical messengers that relay information and instructions to our cells and organs, Hormones give us energy, keep us happy, help us sleep, keep us warm, control hunger and satiety; regulate our periods; control menopausal symptoms - allowing a graceful transition; and of course contribute to conception and pregnancy.

Hormonal balance then refers to the way that these processes, when all in harmony they promote optimal health and wellbeing! When hormonal balance is poor, well being is most likely compromised.

The hormones we will be explaining and unravelling in the Masterclass and workshop are the sex hormones oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone; the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline; the thyroid hormones which are responsible for energy and metabolism; the blood sugar and fat storage hormone insulin and our major circadian - sleep hormone melatonin. 

In the masterclass you will learn that disruption in any of these hormones will have a ripple effect across the entire hormonal system and how to identify which hormone profile is most predominant for you; are you:

  1.  a cortisol stress bunny

  2.  an insulin blood sugar monster

  3.  a slow & sluggish thyroid

or are you in overall 

  1.  hormonal havoc 

And being told this is “just the menopause”! 


The Hormone Harmony Workshop: In the afternoon workshop Tanya will provide tools in the form of diet, lifestyle and targeted nutraceuticals to each of these hormone profile imbalances, which will help to re-address the delicate balance of the hormone symphony. She will also demo some hormone balancing recipes that you can easily integrate into a family and busy lifestyle. 

Private consultation table hosted by Tanya for you to have 10 minutes 1:1 time if needed after the workshop


Our Pop up store with:

  • High grade supplements specifically for hormones 

  • Organic skin care free of any nasty hormone disruptors

  • Makeup artist showcasing her cruelty free and organic makeup range (it’s gorgeous!) again free of nasty hormone disrupting parabens



The mind and body during a pre lunch 45 minute yoga based practicum by Emma Massingham. Trained in holistic skin care rituals as well as body work Emma will also discuss natural skin care regimes & rituals appropriate to women of all ages and share her secrets in natural ways to enhance features without botox & fillers! 

With liver cleansing naturopathic “shots”  and a delicious lunch hormone balancing by our holistic chef

Leave with a Tote bag full of health and wellbeing goodies from Tanya’s Health and Wellbeing Store and your Hormone Reset tool kit (tool kit includes recipe book and food plan



Saturday 29th February 2020 from 10.30am – 4pm


Hawthbush Farm, Gun Hill, East Sussex TN21 0JY 

Hawthbush Farm is a 140-acre organic farm in the heart of East Sussex. The buildings have been beautifully converted and whitewashed in organic clay paints with stripped floorboards and large French doors, immersing you in the Sussex countryside. Hawthbush has it's very own spring water source, drawn from 100ft below the organic land, to provide water for everything on the farm. We will be running transfers to and from Lewes station, a 20-minute drive.